Seven new models have been added to Gast Group’s range of linear compressors and vacuum pumps – the new DBMS and DBMX ranges. The medium capacity DBMS60 and DBMS80 models offer capacities up to 118 LPM, while the DBMX80, DBMX100, DBMX120, DBMX150 and DBMX200 models offer capacities up to 280 LPM.

On many models the only moving parts are an actuating rod supported by two synthetic rubber diaphragms, which ensures continuous operation up to a minimum of 30,000 hours at an operating noise level as low as 38dB(A). Operation is lubrication free, ensuring that exhausted air is always uniform, clean and particle-free. Smooth flow and minimal pulsation also makes the linear range ideal for applications requiring consistent air pressure and supply. Other than the occasional filter cleaning, operation is also virtually maintenance-free, claims the company.

With over 30 models offering capacities from 12.5 LPM to 280 LPM, Gast’s linear compressor and vacuum pump line-up can be specified for applications  ranging from environmental use to ecological and medical, with others including paper counting machines, air supply for leak test equipment, etc.

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