Peristaltic pump technology from Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has been selected by Analytical Technology for use in its chlorine monitoring equipment. The demand for the company’s chlorine monitors grew as Yorkshire Water instigated a drive away from 24V DC pumps in favour of fixed speed 110V AC models. While the Q45H/79 Total Chlorine Monitor was perfect for this application, there was one problem – its physical footprint was too large. So, for this application the company had to re-design the enclosure and select a smaller pump: the 313FAC/D2 OEM pump.

While chlorine has become the most widely used disinfectant in the world, there are still some applications where monitoring chlorine residuals can present a challenge. Multiple forms of chlorine in drinking water, wastewater effluent and cooling tower water require a ‘total’ chlorine measurement to ensure that all chemical species are quantified. In some cases, the chlorine concentration is quite low and often below the detection limits of conventional monitors.

ATI’s Q45H/79 has been developed as a total residual chlorine monitor with improved sensitivity and zero stability. It uses standard EPA approved iodometric chemistry where, by addition of buffer and potassium iodide, the various chlorine compounds in solution react to form iodine. The iodine released in this reaction is measured using a highly sensitive amperometric sensor capable of 1PPB sensitivity, while the output of this sensor is linear with respect to concentration and provides fast response for both upscale and downscale concentration changes.

Today, Yorkshire Water is replacing all of its chlorine monitors with those supplied by ATI.

The Watson-Marlow 313FAC/D2 is a high precision peristaltic pump that is made up of a 313D pumphead, induction motor, purpose-designed gearbox and faceplate. It is available in three standard voltages with a choice of four speeds providing flow rates up to 1620ml/min from 8.0mm bore tubing (1350ml/min if used on 50 Hz supplies).

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