The parcel locker sector is experiencing rapid growth as more and more logistics service providers are choosing to offer the self-service market efficient automated pick up and drop off points. The parcel locker terminal meets the vital challenge of the ‘last mile’ in the delivery process by providing a solution to delivery problems and reducing costs caused by undelivered parcels.

One of the most vital components in a parcel locker terminal is the electronic locking system used to secure the locker doors, especially as there is a high probability that the content in the lockers will be of high value as the parcels are likely to contain items purchased from e-commerce sites.

As a solution, Southco provides a product designed specifically for concealed security for enclosures, which is suitable for the secure and cost-effective protection of items held in parcel lockers – the Rotary Electro-Mechanical Latch ‘R4 EM’ product family. The company is in fact working globally within the postal and parcel sectors to develop its R4 EM technology to provide intelligent, reliable and cost-effective electronic latching solutions specifically for indoor and outdoor applications.

Offering vandal resistance, long-term durability and reliability, this product delivers the convenience of electronic access control with the security of a proven, robust, metal rotary latch design in a compact, integrated package. Easy push-to-close operation and electronic actuation simplify access across a wide variety of applications, and optional switches or sensors can provide system feedback on latch or door open or closed status. Two-bolt mounting of fixing enables quick and low cost installation. Its electric gear motor offers efficiency in terms of its low electrical power consumption and high working and ultimate load capabilities, while a mechanical override feature enables manual or emergency release during power failure.

The latch has an embedded microprocessor which enables very low power electronic signal control and flexibility for signal conditioning for added security. It will accept signals from access control devices such as numeric keypads or swipe-card readers, smart card reader devices, biometric devices and remote computers.

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