When it needed interfacial seals for its latest generation of high-density PCB signal connectors, Hypertac turned to DP Seals. The solution needed to ensure electrical isolation and maintain mating tolerances between the connector pins as well as high reliability protection against fluid ingress.

However, ensuring the accuracy and precision demanded by these fluorosilicone seals – used in challenging applications such as aerospace and defence, mass transit and marine  – set DP Seals one of its toughest tooling tests.

The PCB connectors use 0.6mm pins in multiple rows on a 0.953mm staggered pitch, dimensions the tool needed to match accurately whilst adding detail essential in ensuring a tight seal against dirt, oil and other liquids; the seal itself is just 3mm thick. To meet the requirements, DP Seals fabricated a set of tools where each individual connector pin is represented by a custom-designed 0.7mm minimum diameter tool steel pin, held in place with a M0.6 countersunk screw just 2.5mm long.

DP seals now also manufactures very small 4mm x 2mm, pin isolators that exhibit complex sub-millimetre detailing for Hypertac’s latest military connectors.

DP Seals