To maintain the highest hygiene levels, pure, high temperature aggressive water (WFI) systems are used for the SIP (Steam in Place) and CIP (Clean in Place) processes on pharmaceutical and food process lines. Repeated steam recycling, however, places severe demands on the sealing products incorporated within control valves in the process pipework. Such valves are widely used to control flow, pressure and temperature of fluid media within the system.

As a solution, Dichtomatik supplies Kalrez 6221 perfluorelastomer compound O-rings and other sealing profiles. These products are thermally stable up to 260°C, and are also suitable for stage II sterilisation application processes where other elastomers can lose their sealing capabilities.

Not only are these designed to maintain reliability while ensuring high level sealing performance in pharmaceutical and food production processes, but they maintain the validation of cleanliness-critical operating conditions and overcome degradation difficulties (chemical, thermal and/or mechanical) associated with conventional sealing materials, claims the company. This FDA compliant product also reduces contamination from extractables to trace levels.


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