Two sizes are available in Festo’s ADNE-LAS short-stroke electric cylinder range: two 32mm profile models with stroke lengths of 15 and 35mm, and two 40mm models with stroke lengths of 20 and 45mm. The 32mm profile models can produce a thrust force of 35N peak and 8N continuous, while the 40mm profile models are capable of generating a thrust force of 52N peak and 12N continuous.

These use a linear motor based on a tubular design, with high flux annular magnets on the actuator rod, surrounded by specialised windings on the stator coil. This design offers advantages, including low moving mass and a complete absence of flexible cabling to the moving parts. The cylinders also have no external magnetic field.

Partnering the cylinder is the CMFL controller, which accepts feedback from the cylinder’s built-in magnetic encoder and maintains its drive output signal until the piston rod has reached the desired end position. This controls the movement of the piston rod in both directions and can store four movement patterns.