A new version of drive.web, an Ethernet-based distributed control system for its DC drives, has been introduced by Sprint Electric.  The drive.web system includes graphical configuration tools that provide diagnostics and configurability of all drives on the network, either locally or remotely via the internet. The  tools allow the full configuration of the drives, provide service diagnostics, full documentation and an operator interface for local control, all without the need for a PLC or supervisory computer.

The company’s digital range of drives type PLX can become drive.web enabled by simply adding an easy to fit option board. Other drives, even simple analogue ones, can take advantage of the technology by using a separate stand alone DIN rail mounted drive.web module.

The drive.web hardware consists of an Ethernet port and processor that takes information dynamically from the drive and makes it available over the Ethernet network. Additional hardware includes interfaces to AC drives and remote I/O modules.

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