The performance range of Mayr Power Transmissions’ ROBA-DS disk pack couplings has been extended to cover a nominal torque range of 22,000Nm to 110,000Nm. The flexible disk pack is coupled via a new cone connection to the transmissions hubs which is both backlash free and reduces the screw tightening torques. In addition, installation and de-installation can be carried out quickly without displacement of the hubs.

Features of the couplings include high torque density, insensitivity to extremes of temperature, and they are both torsionally rigid and maintenance free. They also transmit torque backlash free, without wear, and compensate for shaft misalignments. Double jointed couplings can be manufactured with custom spacers to cope with different DBSE’s as required.

When tightening, the cone shaped mounting parts create expansion forces which expand the parts radially, within elastic limits, resulting in a backlash free connection of the disk pack.