New from Festo is a range of electric piston-rod cylinders, developed in response to customer demands for an actuator that combines the environmental robustness of pneumatic models with the flexibility and performance of all-electric solutions.

The enhanced IP versions of DNCE cylinders offer a wide choice of configuration options, enabling the performance and level of protection to be optimally matched to the application.

Features include enhanced ingress protection, including models with a high IP65 rating, for applications involving exposure to aggressive media. These are available in 32, 40 and 63mm frame sizes and with standard stroke lengths from 100 to 800mm in 100mm steps, depending on size. All the cylinders employ a high performance ball screw drive and are capable of handling acceleration rates up to 6m/sec/sec, with a very high positional repetition accuracy of ±0.02mm. Each model offers a choice of two spindle pitches.

These have a threaded breather port in the front face of the cylinder which enables users to connect a length of standard pneumatic tubing for the remote supply of air and exhaust venting. This prevents unwanted media being drawn into the drive. An optional bellow kit further extends the level of protection.

The cylinders are suitable for use with a range of Festo stepper and servomotors, as well as third-party products, which can be mounted in-line or in parallel using a toothed belt coupler. 

They are also suitable for applications involving exposure to dust and water, such as in the woodworking, plasterboard and concrete manufacturing industries; and are suited to highly dynamic moves requiring accurate control of speed, acceleration and deceleration.


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