Featuring polymer bearings and an optional NEMA 11 certified motor, the drylin SLN-27 miniature linear axis from igus UK has been developed for simple handling tasks in confined spaces.

The linear axis, with a linear rail made of durable anodised aluminium, has dimensions of 22mm high by 28mm wide and is suitable for low load sensor adjustments and feed mechanisms, as well as lightweight handling tasks such as those found in laboratory equipment.

The standard unit weighs 69g due to most of its components being made of either plastic or aluminium. The carriage is driven by a 5mm trapezoidal or high-helix thread leadscrew and is available in a range of pitches from 0.8mm to 5mm. When the maximum stroke length of 250mm is selected, the miniature actuator weighs 160g.

The module can be bought as a complete system with a NEMA 11 stepper motor fitted – still achieving 28 x 28mm dimensions. For customers that already have a stepper motor made by another manufacturer, an aluminium spacer and motor flange connection is available.


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