Are you looking for the right coupling for your start-and-stop application? You will need a flexible coupling with a tolerance for misalignment, torque transmission, and vibration dampening. You won’t go wrong using a zero-backlash jaw coupling.

Jaw couplings are ideal for systems that experience hard starts, hard stops, and/or reversals, in applications such as medical, semiconductor, test and measurement, industrial, and robotics that require high precision components to maintain a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Jaw couplings have the right attributes to be your next start-stop coupling. Here are some of the coupling’s capabilities:

Torque Requirements: Jaw couplings can transmit moderate-to-high torque levels, depending on the insert you choose. If your start-and-stop application involves significant torque variations or intermittent high peak loads, jaw couplings can handle these conditions effectively.

Shock absorption and Vibration Dampening: Jaw couplings have shock-absorbing properties due to their flexible spider inserts. This makes them suitable for applications with abrupt starts and stops, as they dampen the impact of these forces and reduce stress on connected components. Their dampening capabilities lead to a smoother operation and reduced system wear.

Customizable: Jaw couplings offer a high level of customizability by allowing users to combine clamp and set screw hubs with various bore options, including inch, metric, keyed, and keyless. The shore hardness of the spider determines coupling performance. Ruland offers spiders in three durometers, allowing the user to match coupling specifications to application requirements.

Fail-Safe: Jaw couplings are considered fail-safe because if the spider were to fail, the jaws of the two hubs interlock for direct power transmission, allowing for the safe shut down of the equipment for maintenance.

Ruland jaw couplings achieve zero-backlash operation through a proprietary curved jaw profile on the hub tenons, which press fit with the spider. This design concentrates the forces on the center of the spider’s limbs, improving the elastomer material’s effectiveness. Raised contact points on the spider limbs help maintain proper spacing between the two hubs, ensuring electrical isolation and full misalignment capabilities.

Zero-backlash jaw couplings are part of Ruland’s complete motion-control coupling line, including rigid, beam, bellows, oldham, disc, slit and controlflex couplings. Ruland carefully manufactures jaw couplings from meticulously selected bar stock in Ruland’s advanced manufacturing facility in Marlborough, Massachusetts, under strict controls using proprietary processes. 3-D CAD files, full product specifications, and additional technical information are all available on


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