Large medical facilities have an immense pool of equipment: from station computers to laboratory devices to X-ray machines. Maintaining an overview of these resources demands intelligent, state-of-the-art solutions. One significant aid is the use of the SCHURTER Smart Connector DT31.

The increasing number of electrical medical and IT devices poses challenges for hospitals and care facilities in terms of inventory management and monitoring.

The intelligent SCHURTER Smart Connector DT31 with cloud connectivity offers an efficient solution to accurately capture, analyse, and manage the utilization, maintenance, and usage behaviour of these devices in detail.

Functioning of the Smart Connector

The “plug and play” Smart Connector DT31 is simply inserted between any device with a standard IEC power inlet (IEC 60320 C14) and the power supply. In addition to the basic functions like switching on and off and power consumption monitoring, the Smart Connector enables additional functions that can be programmed according to the customer’s needs.

Data captured by the Smart Connector is transmitted to a secure cloud via an encrypted internet connection. The stored data is accessible through the intuitive user interface of SCHURTER and can even be accessed via an app. It is also possible to customize the dashboard and its included functions according to specific customer requirements.

Below is a selection of possible applications of the Smart Connector.

Inventory management

The Smart Connector enables the inventory management of all medical devices. Each device is assigned a unique identification code, which is stored in the cloud along with the captured data. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, and an accurate overview of the device inventory can be accessed at any time.

Utilization and usage behaviour

By continuously measuring power consumption, operating hours, and device activities, the Smart Connector allows for a detailed analysis of the utilization and usage behavior of each individual device. By evaluating this data, bottlenecks can be identified, maintenance intervals optimized, and resource utilization improved.

Monitoring and device status

Another important use case is preventive maintenance. Based on customer requirements, a function for preventive maintenance intervals can be programmed in the dashboard, e.g. based on the operating hours of the medical devices. Additionally, a useful function is the monitoring of the operational behavior of the devices.

If there are deviations from the normal operating behavior, they can be displayed in the dashboard, and if desired, even communicated to the maintenance personnel.

Maintenance and calibration

Regular maintenance and (re)calibration of medical devices in hospitals are of crucial importance to ensure their proper functioning and accuracy.

Maintenance and calibration protocols need to be carefully documented to demonstrate compliance with regulations and quality standards. With a large number of devices requiring maintenance, it’s easy to lose track. For this use case, upon customer request, intervals for maintenance and calibration can be programmed to provide notifications.

Integration into existing systems

The Smart Connector features an API interface, allowing customers to integrate it into their existing IT infrastructure and seamlessly transfer data from the Smart Connector to other systems and applications.

A SCHURTER Smart Connector DT31 can also support a hospital software solution that facilitates the integration of data from various IT systems.

Data security and privacy

The transmission and storage of data in the cloud are carried out with the utmost consideration for the highest security standards. Access permissions can be managed individually to ensure data privacy. The data is anonymized and processed in accordance with applicable data protection regulations.


he SCHURTER Smart Connector DT31 with cloud connectivity offers an efficient solution for inventory management and monitoring of various electrical devices in the healthcare and caregiving sectors.

By capturing and analysing utilization and usage behaviour, operating costs can be reduced, and maintenance processes can be optimized. Technicians can benefit from accurate inventory management and real-time monitoring to ensure the smooth operation of medical devices.

The flexibility of the software makes the Smart Connector DT31 particularly interesting for various applications. SCHURTER takes the individual requirements of customers seriously, allowing the dashboard and its included functions to be tailored to the specific needs of customers.

SCHURTER continues to expand its range of Smart Products, adding new products and features to the portfolio. For the efficient operation of a larger number of electronic devices, digital monitoring, control, and analysis are essential. With Smart Products, SCHURTER provides a simple, fast, and reliable way to meet these requirements.

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