T233 gravity-referenced servo inclinometers from Sherborne Sensors are being used in ZED Tunnel Guidance’s Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs), where precision, reliability and robustness are essential.

These inclinometers have a torque balance system which, explains the company, is rugged enough to withstand the severe shock and vibration experienced in the most hostile of environments, while maintaining optimum levels of accuracy. In addition, the electronics and dual-axis sensors are encased within a compact sealed housing, permitting operation in tough environments and enabling measurement of angular tilt in reference to gravity.

Commenting on the selection, Mick Lowe, senior project engineer at Zed Tunnel Guidance, said:?“Having evaluated a number of inclinometer products, we found that none were as technically sound or as accurate as Sherborne Sensors’ T233.”

Mike Baker, managing director of Sherborne Sensors, added: “By employing the T233 series, ZED Tunnel Guidance has been able to consolidate its hardware into a single target unit, enabling the supply of smaller, simpler, and more cost-effective tunnel guidance systems.”