New from Eaton’s Electrical sector is the iProx inductive sensor series that, thanks to Smart Sense technology, has a large detection range and intelligence that can be adapted to each application.

Cylindrical devices with switching distances of up to 29mm are available, twice the switching distance of other inductive sensors of the same size, claims the company.

Using ProxView software, any sensor can be programmed for a range of applications. The iProx product range includes a number of models as three- or four-wire DC devices, thread diameters from M12 to M30, and a wide range of connection options. Additional features include a stainless steel cylinder, a 300° visible dual-colour LED, corrosion resistant front plates and a shock absorbent cast material, and a teach function that simplifies programming. They are also resistant to both high interference levels (up to 20V/m) as well as extreme temperatures (-40°C).

The sensors can be set so that disturbing metallic objects can be ignored in the foreground or in the background; and the ‘switch range’ mode makes it possible to restrict the switching of iProx to a small part of its total detection range.

In addition, the connection configuration on DC-iProx models is automatic, so that it detects NPN and PNP terminals automatically and switches the sensor accordingly (NPN = sinking or PNP = sourcing).