Applied Motion Products STM range of microstepping motors with integrated intelligent drives now includes Ethernet communications. Available exclusively in the UK and France from Mclennan Servo Supplies, the new STM23 range covers stall torque ratings between 88 Ncm and 148 Ncm from a 12 to 70 VDC supply in a smart package that includes motor, drive and control – for straightforward distributed installation that reduces time and cost over separate component solutions.

The new STM23 Ethernet range combines high performance motion control with 100 Mbps Ethernet communications which can be used for set up and configuration, streaming individual motion commands or upload/download and status monitoring of complete motion programmes using Applied Motions’ powerful ‘Q’ programming language. In addition the models feature analogue positioning and encoder following which can be usefully monitored over Ethernet. The port also allows compatible connection with Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix or MicroLogix PLCs, and EtherNet/IP is also available.

With standard 100 Mbps Ethernet able to communicate more than 100 times faster than CANopen and over 1000 times the speed of RS232, the new STM23 range opens up numerous opportunities for motion and machine control even if standalone operation is required – where the convenience and availability of Ethernet is driving more and more applications.

All STM23 Ethernet models are available with an optional 4000 count/rev optical encoder that allows encoder following as well as basic stall detection. Also available, using the ‘Q’ program version, is a advanced stall prevention algorithm that continuously monitors motor command position to encoder lag, and completes the programmed move under stall conditions.

Intelligent drive options for both stepper and servo technologies from Applied Motion Products can be combined to provide complete and cost effective open and closed loop multi-axis motion systems. A choice of S, Si and Q control options cover simple step and direction, GUI based programming and sophisticated host control with optional encoder following.

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