The T40B digital torque flange from HBM gives speed measurements along with direction of rotation monitoring in addition to torque measurement in one compact system.

The T40B is a robust system that enables very accurate measurement of torque, speed and direction of rotation, even under difficult industrial ambient conditions. It features an integrated magnetic speed measurement system making it insensitive to contamination such as dust or oil mist that may be present in test bench environments or industrial applications.

The torque flange is available with nominal torque ranges from 200 Nm to 10 kNm and can be easily integrated in various applications due to its compact construction. Interferences are practically excluded as data transmission between rotor and stator is digital.

The integrated speed measurement system generates 1,024 pulses per revolution, thus enabling very accurate speed measurements even at low speeds. Suitable applications for the T40B include test benches for motors or gears.