In line with worldwide customer demands for high quality enclosures and accessories, Tempa Pano is in the process of building a new 21,000m2 enclosure manufacturing facility in Turkey to considerably increase its product output over the next five years

Tempa Pano was established in Turkey in 1989 to manufacture and export enclosures for low voltage applications. The company now has offices in the UK, France and Romania, as well as distributors in Egypt and Lebanon, enabling it to better serve customers throughout the world.

The UK office was set up in 2000 and currently distributes enclosures throughout the UK from the office in Warrington, Cheshire. Tempa Pano UK has a vast amount of stock to suit its ever growing customer base. Tempa Pano UK offers a service to provide standard ‘off the shelf’ enclosures as well as access to its experienced engineering department for those projects where a standard solution simply does not fit.

To further benefit its customers Tempa Pano is currently in the process of constructing a brand new manufacturing facility in the district of Dilovasi in Istanbul, Turkey. The factory is due for completion by September of this year. The new 21,000m2 factory will feature state of the art production lines dedicated to manufacturing enclosures in both mild steel and stainless steel. Tempa Pano expects to increase the company’s product volume by up to three times its current output within the first three years, and then double again within the first five years. The new plant will be environmentally friendly, with consideration given to enhancing energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources, as well as recycling. The decision to expand was driven by customer demand and the new factory will enable Tempa Pano to reach more customers in its present markets as well as meeting requirements of emerging markets.

Quality solutions

Over the years, and through the use of the latest technologies and employing experienced well qualified engineering staff, the company has had the aim of increasing the quality of products within the marketplace. As a result,

it not only offers a diverse range of enclosure products but is also capable of providing accessories, ensuring its solutions are suitable for a variety of applications.

Products therefore include:

• Wall Mount Enclosures

• Floor Standing Enclosures

• Stainless Steel Enclosures

• EX-Proof Enclosures

• Electronic Systems Enclosures

• Console Desks

• Distribution Systems

• Cooling Products

New products

The company has recently introduced a number of new products. At the Drives and Controls Exhibition in April it introduced a multi compartmented enclosure for use in the Form

4 type market consisting of twelve different sized compartments and accessories, together with the GS series of floor standing enclosures with eight different sizes.

Another example is the Temgard Distribution system which offers simple installation to provide substantial savings in time and cost when compared to conventional systems. Tempa Pano designed pan assemblies and enclosures that offer enormous benefits to engineers, developers and installers. These include a busbar, which is installed into an enclosure ready to assemble, earth and shrouded neutral terminals as well as adjustable fixing parts for most of the major switchgear manufacturers. The system also includes cover plates, top and bottom gland plates and lockable door.

Modular enclosures are also available. The BS series modular floor standing enclosure range comes pre-assembled in 40 different sizes complete with mounting plate, 100mm and 200mm plinth options and an IP55 rating. A range of cooling products from Filter Fans to side and roof mount cooling units are also available to complement the enclosure range.

For applications where there is an explosion risk, Tempa Pano manufactures Ex-proof Enclosures. The TES/

TEX series of Ex proof terminal boxes are suitable for EEx e Zone 1 (Category 2), Zone 2 (Category 3) and EEx ia Zone 21 and 22. The enclosures are produced from high corrosion resistant 316l stainless steel sheet and are ATEX certified. They include hinged removable door with captive fastening screws. An Ingress protection of IP66 is provided with a foamed in door sealing gasket which resists temperatures from -80°C to +100°C; and a working temperature between -50°C and +55°C for T5 and T6.

After Tempa Pano was established in 1989 the sister company Tempa System was created in 2002. The company offers high end engineering solutions for low voltage systems such as power distribution, lighting distribution, capacitor banks and motor control centres. Tempa Systems also has an extensive knowledge of PLC/DCS and SCADA systems. Endaks Distribution came next. A distribution company for enclosure cooling products, busbar connections,flexible copper bar and labelling accessories. This allows the Tempa group to compete with their competitors and provide full project solutions.

Tempa Pano prides itself on creating partnerships with customers. The company motto “Your Alternative and Reliable Enclosure Manufacturer” shows its commitment to providing a quality product with a quality service.

Tempa Pano    

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