Integrating Rittal’s RiZone with IBM’s Management and Measurement Tool (MMT), a comprehensive energy management solution is available for all parts of a datacentre that can monitor, actively regulate and reduce their datacentre’s energy consumption by more than 10%.

IBM tested the behaviour of the systems in part of its own

datacentre and found it was possible to change the ideal set point for the ambient temperature from 20°C to 24.63°C on the cooling system by using optimisation algorithms. These higher flow temperatures provide greater potentials for saving on climate control.

RiZone recognises IBM MMT as an SNMP-enabled terminal device – while RiZone monitors the data from the data centre,

MMT ensures the optimisation. The interaction of both solutions provides a complete view of the entire infrastructure and enables MMT to regulate and control active processes such as the server standby or the cooling units.

RiZone also monitors, regulates and manages access, power supply and security of datacentres in a modular and scalable way.