Starter kits, aimed at engineers considering developing CC-Link Open Network enabled versions of their own products, have been developed by the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) to make the process simpler. Kit 1 is an evaluation kit for ‘first timers’ and aims to teach them the technical basics and benefits of CC-Link. It includes an embedded network adaptor, which is simply added to a field device to make it compatible with a CC-Link network; and a registration with the CLPA to provide access to technical and commercial support.

The Intermediate Kit (Kit 2) includes CC-Link network ASICs and is intended to allow an actual product that handles digital I/O only to be developed. Hence companies whose main product lines are devices such as I/O, valve blocks and other simpler ‘on-off’ type of devices will be able to take this route.

The Advanced Kit (Kit 3) opens up the full capabilities of CC-Link, by using a more sophisticated ASIC to handle word and bit data handling. This is said to be the kit for companies who are looking to implement devices that handle more complex data, such as analogue values.