Measurement technology specialist HBM has integrated electronics into its latest SLB700A strain transducers giving users a simple and cost-effective method of force measurement. The SLB700A/06VA-1/2 transducer has an integrated amplifier and works with strain gages giving an analog output from 0-10 V or 4-20 mA.

The strain transducers work in the force shunt and are easily attached with four screws to any component where the loading needs to be determined. The integrated amplifier ensures that the force measurement can be easily set up and implemented.

HBM has developed a Teach-In Method via the control contact to simplify the amplifier set-up. All the operator needs do is to define both the zero and the maximum loading positions and then set corresponding control impulses. This action sets the amplifier so that the output signal is at maximum and the resolution is always optimal. The amplifier has a limit frequency of 1,000 Hz making the strain transducer highly suitable for dynamic measurements.

The SLB700A/06VA-1/2 can be used for many diverse applications. These range from measurements in wind power plants and monitoring of buildings to applications in production systems such as presses, welding units or injection molding machines. The latest version is mechanically backward compatible with the existing passive HBM strain transducer SLB700. This means that applications can be easily upgraded by simply fitting the new active strain transducer with integrated electronics as a direct replacement.

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