LINAK TECHLINE provides electric linear actuator solutions designed for heavy-duty industrial work applications.

We focus on reliable and precise movement designed to meet your needs and specifications even in the most extreme conditions.

LINAK linear actuators are built to last. The first TECHLINE solutions were installed in heavy agricultural and construction machinery in 1980. A continuous stream of improvements and innovations has since established the TECHLINE name in a great variety of very different applications in the industrial sector.


    Factories and industrial production facilities are constantly faced with having to optimise processes to make the most of both machines and manpower. To help them achieve this many machine builders have found electric actuator systems to be the perfect solution.

    TECHLINE® linear actuators are very versatile and flexible, presenting powerful movement as well as excellent control and accuracy. As a machine builder you will benefit from lower costs, easier installation and easy integration with control systems compared to other solutions. However, it is the appreciation given to machinery with electric actuator solutions by customers and end-users that will really give you the competitive edge.

    Factory management will appreciate rapid change overs, maximum up-time, zero maintenance on actuators, long lifetime, no risk of harmful oil leaks and low energy consumption. Employees will experience smooth automation replacing demanding manual work processes.


Food safety is an absolute must for any company within the food industry. Whether it is a slaughterhouse, a dairy, a brewery or catering centre hygiene must have top priority. But, in a highly competitive business process optimisation comes in a close second.

LINAK TECHLINE® offers advanced automation for the food and beverage industry based on hygienic stainless steel actuators. They are easy to clean and they have been thoroughly tested to withstand strong detergents and other cleaning demands. Furthermore, electric actuators contain no toxic or potentially harmful oil, which makes electric actuator systems the perfect solution for the food industry.

The food and beverage industry rely heavily on manual processes. This means that process optimisation depends on improving the efficiency and productivity of the individual employee. In recent years this has turned the focus to ergonomics and the benefits of being able to adjust the workplace individually as well as replacing hard manual work with automated solutions.


TECHLINE has already provided a great number of electric actuator solutions to machine builders and manufacturers of equipment for the food industry. As an OEM you will benefit from low costs, easy installation and integration with control systems, and your customers will value smooth operation, long lifetime and maximum up-time, because electric actuators require no maintenance.

A truly innovative actuator solution could very well give you the competitive edge in the market. TECHLINE will gladly help you to develop your ideas and visions. If you need an application to lift, pull, push or tilt you will find that every member of the LINAK TECHLINE team of engineers and consultants have vast application and product expertise ready for your disposal.

You will also appreciate that the TECHLINE range of electric stainless steel actuators are very versatile and flexible – and every single LINAK actuator has gone through extensive testing and quality control to ensure maximum performance and long lifetime. So do not hesitate to contact TECHLINE with your needs and ideas.


Farming is hard work and agricultural equipment often has to work under extreme and hostile conditions. Actuator systems in mobile agricultural machinery have to be tough enough to withstand weather, bumps and exposure to all sorts of fertilisers.

At the same time modern day farming has in many ways become quite precision work. Actuators must be delicate enough to provide very accurate control over for instance the right amount and spread of fertiliser or seeds.

Any TECHLINE® electrical actuator solution will fulfil both these demands. What we are interested in is how we can help you improve your agricultural application to be even more productive and comfortable to use.


Electric actuator systems offer great flexibility when it comes to interfacing with control systems. It is a suitable solution for control by data bus communication systems. Positioning feedback is very accurate and superior to traditional hydraulic systems.

If you need forces of up to 10,000 N an electric actuator will do the same job as a hydraulic system. The actuator solution is easier to install and it requires no maintenance during its long lifetime. Electric actuators eliminate weak spots such as hoses and pumps in your application. Finally the environment benefits from low energy consumption and no risk of harmful hydraulic oil leaks.

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