We focus on reliable and precise movement designed to meet your needs and specifications even in the most extreme conditions.

Whether you need an actuator solution to perform reliably in rough and rugged conditions – or you need smooth and controlled automation for all sorts of purposes we have a TECHLINE® solution for you.

At TECHLINE we take pride in working closely together with our customers to create individual solutions to improve their products and stay ahead of competition. This philosophy has earned TECHLINE a solid reputation everywhere as a serious advisor with extensive product and application expertise.

TECHLINE solutions improve the functionality of numerous diverse applications, ranging from food production machinery, wind turbines and solar trackers, to heavy construction and agricultural machinery such as wheel loaders and combine harvesters.

In the TECHLINE product range, you can choose between a wide variety of products and systems, regardless if your application requires a basic actuator solution, or a more advanced intelligent system solution. TECHLINE products are thoroughly tested and built to perform reliably even in the most extreme conditions.

TECHLINE® linear actuators are very versatile and flexible, presenting both powerful movement as well as excellent control and accuracy. As a machine builder you will benefit from lower costs, easier installation and easy integration with control systems compared to other solutions. However, it is the appreciation given to machinery with electric actuator solutions by customers and end-users that will really give you the competitive edge.

Electric linear actuators are the perfect solution when you need simple, safe and clean movement with accurate and smooth motion control. You may choose actuator systems for adjustments, tilting, pushing, pulling and lifting with thrusts up to 10,000 N.

Actuators can be integrated into sophisticated control systems using data bus communication. You get precise position feedback and accurate variable control over acceleration and velocity.

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