HepcoMotion has added to the range of products available for its PRT2 Precision Ring Track system, extending the choice for applications where high downward or offset loads are anticipated.

According to the company, the new HepcoMotion PRT2 high moment load carriages provide extra support and rigidity for high, dynamic or static offset loads typically seen at the workstation position of a production line. 

The carriages are available in two configurations both designed to connect to the track system support beam: a static type carriage designed to take an additional load whilst in a ‘static’ or stationary position; and a dynamic option that provides continuous support to the carriage, around the entire track whilst the load is moving.

The new Moment Load Carriages are available in a range of sizes, including an extra wide carriage option. 

A working animation of the Moment Load System can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Hepcomotion