For applications needing Z-axis movement, HepcoMotion’s SDM Screw Driven Module offers rigidity while reducing the danger of back driving when matched to a suitable geared motor.

The module has been developed for both single and Z-axis movements to complement other products in the company’s linear actuator range that are optimally suited for X and Y axis operation. It is based on the SBD – sealed belt drive – linear actuators, however the SDM design differs in that it incorporates a ballscrew that provides greater stiffness and precision. Common to both is high quality sealing.

SDM units are supplied in beam length increments of 60mm (SDM 20-80) and 80mm (SDM 30-100) up to 2800mm in one piece; longer units are available on request. In all, five variants of ballscrew size and pitch are provided. Typical applications are gantry systems and pick and place mechanisms.