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To suit applications demands, Elesa’s ranges of locks, latches and handles is increasing with the introduction of new models offering a variety of features

A number of new products have been introduced by ELESA, a company known for its high quality engineering technopolymer machine elements. One example is the CQT range of latches which feature a recessed key. These resist solvents, oils, greases and many other chemical agents, and are certified self-extinguishing to UL 94 V-O.

The CQT, AE-VO features 90° rotation, IP65 degree protection and a choice of key types – either of the popular two-wing or triangular keys may be specified to suit customer security requirements. Variants of the CQT include 18mm, 24mm and 32mm depths of door to frame closure. All are fitted using a standard rounded corner 20mm square panel hole.

The company is also offering stainless steel versions of the CQ lock with 90° opening and IP65 protection, suitable for corrosive environments such as food equipment or wet locker rooms.

The CQ Inox locks are available in two types, each with two closing lever possibilities to suit different door/frame depths.

AISI304 stainless is used throughout for strength and corrosion resistance. Coupled with an SBR rubber retaining washer, this makes the CQ Inox range ideal for many harsh environments. For ease of access, key patterns on the CQ locks are available as two-wing and triangular types using polyamide technopolymer keys for convenience and security.

Also available is the CL+C, a swing handle latch ideal for lockers and cabinets requiring a compact, easy to operate and low cost locking system with simple door mounting and galvanised rod operation. Features include standard cylinder keys or double wing type keys. Where water ingress is considered a problem, sealing to IP65 is achievable with a protective plug and sealing washer.

Door closure is effected with a double rod system using galvanised steel rods of 1000mm in length, with technopolymer edge rollers and rod guides at 500mm intervals.

With the bright nickel finished base and black glass reinforced technopolymer handle, this provides an attractive and effective door closure system. Door punchings are two off 50mm x 25mm holes for quick and secure installation.

Popular solutions

The company’s standard component locks and latches for all purposes have already proved to be very popular for use in access panels, switchgear boxes, general enclosures, ancillary cabinets and electrical enclosures. The range includes IP65 and pad lockable varieties.

So, the company has extended its stock/service package with a full range of 1/2 turn latches and handles covering the CX IP65 safety lock, CS/M T handle, CQ recessed key (triangular and double-bar types) as well as the standard 180° CS type.  Many key types and closing levers are available to suit specialist enclosure requirements. For wing knob operation, the CM and CML (padlockable) are useful options.

Elesa has also introduced the CLT latch/handles, which suit large standalone or suite style cabinets with single point closure. These can also be used in conjunction with the CAR rod controls for two or three point locking. This spreads the gasket pull-down loads across the door, ensuring optimal sealing and security on control cabinets and electronic racks. The latch/handle itself is sealable to IP65 and so is suited to most commercial/industrial cabinet applications.

The latch is available with a varied selection of locking possibilities, through many key lock number possibilities to a double winged key type. Rod controls to complement the CLT handle are available with either 100mm or 200mm flat rods to interface with rod extensions which may be supported by black technopolymer rod guides. Handle fitment is via two off standard 50mm x 25mm rectangular punchings.


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