Development work at igus has resulted in five xiros ball bearing materials, new dimensions and different designs available ex-stock within 24 hours.

Lubricant and maintenance-free, xiros polymer ball bearings can endure temperatures of up to 150°C, are highly corrosion-resistant, can be washed and cleaned, are non-magnetic and are light. The general purpose ball bearing material xirodur B180, low-price chemical resistant xirodur C160 and high-temperature xirodur A500 are now complemented with the addition of xirodur F180 and xirodur D180 materials.

xirodur F180 is a conductive polymer that provides electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection, and bearings from this material can be used permanently at temperatures of up to 80°C. The second new material is xirodur D180, which is four times more wear-resistant than xirodur B180. The inner and outer ring is made of the new high-performance material, the cage is made of PA, the balls either of glass or stainless steel and operating temperature is 80°C.

Now, more than a hundred sizes, shapes and styles are available.