S­tandard and customised load cells, load pins and force sensors from Strainsert Company are being used for demanding applications in research, testing, weighing and control in the aerospace, military, marine and automotive industries.

In one example, over 40 customised sensors have been deployed across NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission which recently landed its Mars Rover Curiosity mobile laboratory in the Gale Crater area on the Red Planet.

The company designed and manufactured mission critical sensors for various functions including the major spacecraft separations – cruise stage, heat shield, descent stage, ballast masts and rover – as well as the retention of the mobility (wheels), high gain antenna, camera mast, robotic arm and mechanisms retaining two spare drill bits.

Over several decades, the company has worked closely with NASA on major space programs and has developed patented transducer designs for many other challenging applications.

The sensors are available in the UK from Ixthus Instrumentation, which works closely with Strainsert, providing cost-effective solutions for tough load measurement applications where this internal or ‘down-hole’ strain gauging technique offers considerable protection benefits for high accuracy force measurement from 100N to 5MN.

Ixthus Instrumentation

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