T­he Rollmaster system from JBS Baking Solutions is a new generation divider and moulding system designed to process dough products ranging from fruited rolls to baguettes, buns, pizzas, naans and tortillas. Engineered for 24-hour operation, this has a modular construction, based on standard components, allowing it to be configured to suit the needs of the individual product and the required output.

The unit features a gearbox which oscillates as the product moulding drums rotate, and when it needed the component re-designed the company turned to R. A. Rodriguez, which distributes KHK Stock Gears.

To meet the requirements of the application, the company proposed the use of strong KHK high precision spiral bevel gears. These have high load ratings and run at speed with minimal noise and vibration, meaning they are suitable for high speed and high torque applications. The gears can also be customised to meet the precise needs of the application and for JBS Baking Solutions this included altered bore diameters, fully hardened key ways, grub screw and threaded locating holes.

Gordon Green of JBS Baking Solutions commented: “With the help of R.A. Rodriguez and KHK our Rollmaster system can now achieve an output of up to 30,000 items per hour at a weight range from 35 to 300 grams.”

R. A. Rodriguez

T: 01462 670044