As a manufacturer of water treatment products for swimming pools, spas and jacuzzis, Van Erp in the Netherlands produces the Blue Lagoon range of environmentally friendly ultraviolet (UV) light water disinfection systems. These reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals, rendering a lethal effect on waterborne microorganisms using a safer disinfection compound in combination with special UV-C wavelength lamps, which were developed with Philips. For precise dosing control, the range includes digital programmable peristaltic dosing pumps and filtration pump systems that are driven by Rotalink’s AC synchronous geared motors.

Both companies worked together on the modular dosing control module for the range which is used across several products in single or multiple use. The design brief included a number of requirements, including compactness, performance, reliability, fast time to market and low cost.

A number of AC synchronous motor and ovoid gearbox combinations were thoroughly tested at Rotalink to ensure the most reliable and efficient pump system. This development process involved simulated pumping trials with various dosing pumps.

Rotalink manufactures and supplies complete miniature power transmission assemblies that include brushed and brushless DC motors, AC synchronous or stepper motors with innovative gearboxes, feedback sensors and motion controls – for applications up to 200 W and peak gearbox torque to 26 Nm.


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