Representing a breakthrough in non-contacting and multi-turn rotary position sensing, Novotechnik’s new RSM2800 series provides an absolute position output for up to 16 turns (5760 electrical degrees) – and is a true non-volatile device that retains position in an unpowered state.

Available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from sensor specialists Variohm EuroSensor, the RSM2800 series has clear benefits over single-turn hall effect sensors and offers a competitively priced improvement on contacting wirewound potentiometers and incremental optical encoders that use internal gears for multi-turn angle sensing. Offering much improved reliability and a substantially longer working life than contact based devcices, the RSM also has a significantly lower entry cost than absolute optical encoders.

The magneto-resistive technology used in the RSM2800 combines angle and turn-detection elements and is similar in principle to position detection method used in hard disk drives. The non-contact device has a nominal housing diameter of just 30 mm and is inherently durable with high resilience to shock and vibration and a temperature range from -40 to +85 ºC.

In addition to the selectable number of turns, from 2 to 16, the new RSM 2800 angle sensor is available with a flexible choice of configuration options including a choice of 5 or 24 VDC power supply, ratiometric, voltage or current outputs, cw or ccw output curve, dual redundant outputs and shielded cable or M12 connectors.

The packaging options include a wide choice of flatted or marked 6 mm diameter stainless steel output shafts, with sealed housings to IP54, IP65 or IP67. Push on couplings can also be supplied.