Weidmüller are showcasing the latest innovations from their Omnimate device connectivity portfolio on Stand No K18 at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics being held at FIVE, Farnborough on 5th/6th February. This application-oriented range includes PCB terminals, PCB connectors, and electronics housings for industrial applications, with a focus on signal processing and power electronics. At the show, Weidmüller will also be showing its terminals, enclosures, functional and communications electronics.

PCB Terminals

The Omnimate product portfolio covers a wide range of PCB terminals for wire to board connection. Connection technologies range from the established screw connection to PUSH IN fast wiring connection technology. Wire sizes up to 25 mm² (AWG 4) and current up to 101 A are fully covered.

Weidmüller’s portfolio contains:

• 3 different cable entry angles

• 12 different pitches

• 6 different types of connection technologies

• single and multi-row PCB terminals

PCB Connectors

Weidmüller’s printed-circuit board (PCB) connectors provide substantial flexibility. You can choose the pitch size, the soldering process and the connection technology. All of the connections – screw, tension clamp, IDC or crimp – provide 100% contact stability and are maintenance-free and easy to use.

Electronics Housings

To house your electronics, Weidmüller offers a wide variety of different designs comprised of open and closed versions for mounting in electrical cabinets, or for installing directly in the field.

Panel Mounting Housings

These installation housings are assembled from modular components. The length of the profile is variable so that a large PBC area is available. The width of the PCB is determined according to a fixed grid system. The profile offers high-density packaging for housing electronics components and connectors. The housings can be mounted using screws or assembled on mounting rails by utilising the corresponding fixing feet. Hoods are available, as appropriate, to protect the electronics.

Component housings

Weidmüller’s component housings solutions protect the electronics in harsh industrial environments. Designed to contain modern electronic PCBs, either miniature housings with fixed terminals, or modular housings with pluggable terminals are offered. Both provide vibration-proof installation on standard mounting rails. Both housings include Weidmüller’s high reliability terminals, with a design that facilitates efficient heat dissipation, EMC protection, and the use of operating/adjustment functions. Installation costs and wiring are minimised by integrated cross connections, and compact construction reduces the panel space needed.


The CH20M modular electronics housing system offers manufacturers a unique advantage in that the housing can be tailored exactly to suit their applications and not the other way round. The modular electronics housing system provides a home for individual electronics solutions destined for applications in industry, process automation and building technology. The CH20M encloses individual electronics assemblies for installation in electrical cabinets or distribution systems. These electronics housings are simply snapped onto TS 35 top-hat rails. The housing system is designed to maximise the amount of printed circuit board space and offers multiple levels of input/output density. It is suitable for a variety of applications and is designed for fast, easy processing through all stages of assembly, resulting in a lower, total cost solution

Housings to IP 68

Weidmüller supplies compact housings and IP 68 protection for decentralised functions in harsh industrial environments. Decentralised systems which do not use large switchgear cabinets are increasingly being used in industrial automation installations. Electrical terminations are made via industry standard connectors and sockets. The compact housing is an efficient and economic solution, especially when it comes to bus network installations or increasing functionality

Omnimate Power range

The Weidmüller Omnimate Power range of high performance connectors not only complies with the relevant standards applicable to plug-in connectors, but also the customary product standards that a development engineer must fulfil for his application to be approved, for example DIN EN 61800 or UL 508C. As well as excellent performance, the range includes innovative characteristics to guarantee maximum reliability, a vast choice of implementation solutions and fit-for-purpose design.

SL/BL 7.62HP Connector Series

The compact SL/BL 7.62HP connector series integrates previously-conflicting market requirements to provide a custom-fit solution for drive applications. This closes the gap between increasing miniaturisation and unlimited 600 V UL approvals. The system extension to the 12 kVA power class enables a finger-safe, inverted motor connection that is secured by the unique one-handed safety interlock. The PUSH IN connection technology also provides a quick and reliable wire connection. Double-sided finger safety ensures full protection even with reverse voltages.

OMNIMATE Power Hybrid

This hybrid motor connector simultaneously mates power, signals and pluggable EMC screen connection. Thus you save space on the PCB, at the device housing, and in the electrical cabinet. Including the engagement of the automatically self-securing one-handed interlock mechanism, the connector requires only one plugging step instead of 3 and thus speeds up installation and maintenance procedures. It is easy to handle and interlocks automatically – even in difficult installation positions.

For further details please visit www.weidmuller.co.uk. Weidmüller – Let’s connect!