Prefabrication of pump skids offsite is one method increasing number of infrastructure providers are turning to as way of improving efficiency on site and turnkey installations.

Advantages not only include speed of installation, but also lower administrative expenses, and the benefits of dealing with a single party with responsibility for the package, rather than several suppliers.

Prefabrication of pump skids can help reduce installation and commissioning costs by up to 80% with much of the equipment supplied tested and commissioned, reducing the amount of troubleshooting and time taken to become operational on site.

In our latest case study, we were contacted by a Gas Turbine Powerplant in Africa who were in need of 5 duty /standby fuel transfer pump systems as they were boosting the number of gas turbines on site used for electricity generation to meet ever increasing demand.


Client requirements

The customer wanted a pump skid to consist of 2 duty and standby pumps mounted within a frame for the bulk transfer of diesel at around 1000L/min. They wanted the skids designed as self-contained units which could be easily installed “plug and play” into their fuel feed system.

Each fuel transfer skid consisted of a duty/standby rotary vane pump, base plate, integrated strainers for pump protection, control panel for full local and remote control and oval gear meter as a check against dispensed rates.

The plant operator and engineering contractor had previously used centrifugal pumps in such applications however by working with North Ridge Pumps, they discovered that many of the accessories used in typical centrifugal pump skids could be eliminated by switching to a positive displacement pump such as a vane pump as recommended by us.

Due to their proven efficiency and heavy duty design, rotary sliding vane pumps are widely used within the oil and gas industry. They are an excellent method for the transfer of low to medium lubricating liquids which are easy to maintain, offer a long life span as well as remaining versatile with their ability to operate in reverse.

Constant flow rates

Another advantage of using positive displacement pumps is that the power plant operators could rely on constant flow rates regardless of changes in back pressure, viscosity which can change with temperature but also with fluid should the powerplant change the liquid it burns in the future.

Each fuel transfer pump skid included a control panel for local and remote operation to enable full pump control, varied flow rates, pressure control and 24/7 visibility of working conditions.

Specifically each skid incorporated:

  • Strainers for pump protection at the inlet
  • Mounts to prevent vibration of the skid during operation especially at specific frequencies
  • Remote pressure sensors wired back to the panel and also gauges for pressure visualisation for operators to see
  • Expansion joints on the pump discharge and suction, to further dampen pressure surges or vibration of the skids

The panel was specifically manufactured and configured to allow 7” touch screen operation for full control and visibility of the complete system and included:

  • Local and remote control of flow
  • Visibility of inlet and outlet pressures both via panel and on the actual skids for easy troubleshooting
  • Local and remote emergency stop with Run, Pause and Fault LED beacons
  • Quality components throughout including Schneider/ Danfoss instrumentation
  • Additional thermostat activated internal cooling
  • Anti-condensation heaters to protect electrical equipment
  • A stainless steel IP55 enclosure
  • Specific operating and user manuals for the complete system written in clear British English with screenshots

What’s more, the panel enabled anyone at any location worldwide to access the system remotely. This makes it easier to provide expert assistance if this is needed during testing, commissioning or troubleshooting

Above all, having North Ridge Pumps supply the pumps, instrumentation and panel made the whole process easier. It meant there was just one company responsible for specification, design and build, and more importantly a single contact for commissioning advice and troubleshooting.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one prefabricated pump skid to accelerate and automate liquid transfer cost-effectively, speak to North Ridge Pumps to see how we can help.


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