A new range of programmable electro-pneumatic pressure regulators has been introduced by Parker Hannifin.

An integrated electronic system and compatibility with Parker’s Calys software means the EPP4 range can be connected to a PC for remote live monitoring of electrical and pneumatic data, calibration, and configuration for applications. Smaller in size than previous versions, these are available in industry sizes from 0.25in to 2in pipe. Maximum inlet pressure ratings of either 12 or 21 Bar are available, with regulated pressure ranges of up to 20 Bar depending on the specific model.

According to the company, these deliver the levels of accuracy and flexibility demanded by the latest applications in markets such as robotics, machine tools, textiles and the paper industry.

For applications where constant monitoring of regulated pressure (in either Bar or PSI) is required, the EPP4 can be supplied with a remote display that has a highly readable red LED display and is connected to the regulator body via a 1.5m cable.

Parker Hannifin

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