Developed by Midland-ACS, the OPD Stemsaver is a high-integrity pressure regulator for the pneumatic control systems that are widely used for valve actuation in the oil, gas and other processing industries.

This guards against any failure of the filter-regulator that controls compressed air system pressure, by providing dual-redundant over-pressure protection, and ensures that any downstream actuators for controlling process valves cannot be accidentally exposed to dangerous over-pressures.

As standard, this can be set to regulate pressure in the 4-8 bar (58-116 PSI) range. It is supplied as a single unit, fabricated in 316 stainless steel. In use, the secondary regulator is set to operate at a slightly higher pressure than the primary regulator. If the secondary regulator is activated, a reset button also automatically pops up. This can be linked to a proximity switch, to provide feedback to the plant’s distributed control system (DCS).