A solution to stripping back long lengths of cable quickly and easily – without damaging the cores – has been created by igus with the introduction of CFRIP. Simply, the company has integrated a tear strip into the cable jacket, a benefit in particular for cables with gusset-filled extruded jackets.

In just a few steps, the outer jacket can be opened like a zipper to the desired length by simply pulling the special CFRIP tear strip – saving electrical engineers and panel fitters 50% of the cable stripping time typically required using conventional methods, but also avoid the need for additional cable stripping tools.

CFRIP technology is offered in the chainflex CF5 PVC control cable family, where the tear strip is in the outer jacket, and in the chainflex CF6 shielded version, where the tear strip is in the inner jacket. Other types of chainflex cable integrating CFRIP technology are being considered.


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