Motion control equipment supplier, Inmoco, has added the DC Trombone to its range of digital servo drives from Elmo Motion Control.

The drive operates directly from the mains and delivers 7kW of continuous power. It can be integrated into a variety of motion systems, either standalone or multi-axis, providing a motion control unit for use with sinusoidal, trapezoidal and DC motors. Typical applications include robotics, machine tools, packaging, semiconductor production and more.

This features SimplIQ technology. Combining advanced motion control with real-time networking capabilities, whilst delivering feedback, I/O options and programming capabilities, the drive can be integrated into automated applications using the designer’s Composer software. The drive is available in two versions, standard and advanced. The standard is a basic servo drive which operates in current, velocity and position modes, including Follower and PT & PVT. It operates simultaneously via RS-232 and CANopen DS 301, DS 305, DS 402 communications, and features a third generation programming environment.

The advanced version includes all the motion capabilities and communication options included in the standard model, as well as advanced positioning capabilities: ECAM, dual loop and increased program size.


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