Tsubaki’s robust BR-HT (high torque) series of backstop cam clutches provide higher-torque (up to 366,00Nm) backstop functions and high speed (3,600rpm) overrunning. These have a special design of lift-off cams that provide mechanical engagement only when needed, and optimised speed overrunning with no contact between cams and races.

The range is intended for equipment such as inclined conveyors and bucket elevators, and comprises 65 units with bore sizes from 20 to 320mm, torque capacities from 105Nm to 366,000Nm and maximum overrunning speeds from 1,000 rpm to 3,600 rpm.

In backstop (holdback) applications, the clutches are used to prevent reverse rotation of drive shafts. With the outer race of the clutch anchored to a stationary member, the inner race can overrun freely in one direction of rotation even at high speed. Reverse rotation is prevented by the automatic engagement of the clutch.


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