Components used in materials handling or processing machines in the quarrying and mining industries must be tough enough to withstand heavy and abrasive materials, shock loading, heavy workloads and harsh weather conditions. To help, Brevini Power Transmission, with the help of its sister company, Brevini Fluid Power, is able to supply tough and reliable complete drive systems for moving and processing applications in the quarrying industry.

Recently, a solution was designed and installed for material conveying and separating equipment built by Parnaby Cyclones, a UK manufacturer of equipment for the quarrying, coal mining and waste processing industries. For this, Brevini was asked to provide a main drive to deliver a torque of 9,000Nm and output speed of 4.0rpm as well as two chain drives and a spinner drive that were each required to deliver a torque of 3,000Nm and output speeds of 4.0rpm for the separating process. A hydraulic power pack would also be required to feed pressure to individual hydraulic motors at each of the four gearboxes.

The company supplied four PIV Posiplan bevel planetary helical gear units each with a Samhydraulik motor and an 11kW 250L hydraulic power pack that included proportional control valves for PLC control. The overall lifetime of the package was calculated to exceed 50,000 hours.

The gearbox for the main drive was a 3-stage Posiplan BPH323 gearbox with an ISO6336 torque rating (T2ISO) of 15,100Nm and a reduction ratio of 58.82:1. The gearboxes for the chain and spinner drives all used 3-stage Posiplan BPH313 gearboxes with torque ratings (T2ISO) of 3,900Nm and reduction ratios of 45.68:1. Combined respectively with Samhydraulik BR200 and BR080 orbit motors, the drives comfortably delivered the needed torque and speed required by the application.

The PIV Posiplan gearbox is said to be the ideal power transmission solution for many of the material handling applications found in quarrying and mining. The hybrid design combines the high efficiency, high reduction ratios and low weight benefits of planetary gear stages with the strength, capacity and durability of bevel helical gears.


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