An extensive range of small and robust enclosures are now provided by CamdenBoss. One example is the 33 series Grip Case which features rubberised corners for protection and additional grip. Available in two sizes – 25 and 35mm high – these have features including screwless assembly via the four soft grip corners, battery compartment lid with retaining screw, optional retaining screws for added security, and recessed lid and base for membrane keypads or overlays. Internal screw pillars in the lid and base facilitate mounting of PCBs while an optional EPDM gasket provides an IP65 seal.

The 45 series Palm Cases, meanwhile, are handheld enclosures with integrated battery compartments and rubber boot options, which are available in three sizes from 117.5 x 72.5 x 25.5mm, 139.5 x 82.5 x 26mm and 165 x 82.5 x 26mm. These are moulded in flame retardant ABS and the lid is mounted by four self-tapping screws. Additional features include removable end panels, sliding battery compartment lid options for AA or 9V PP3 batteries, etc. Plain versions without a battery compartment are available to special order.

Also available in the range are keyfob enclosures dedicated to RF activated mobile applications such as handheld transmitters and manual control units; and the 50 series Dura boxes which are aluminium extruded enclosures with plastic end caps for handheld, desk or wall mounted applications. These are suitable for such products as remote controllers, and for housing external hard drives and instrumentation.