RS has announced the release of additional functionality within RS Think Hub, the company’s digital platform that aims to transform the working lives of millions of engineers across a wide range of industries.

 Launched at the end of 2022, RS Think Hub is an innovative website that enables engineers and procurement specialists to quickly and easily compare a wide range of components and products offered by multiple suppliers – thereby saving users time and energy in product discovery, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

The digital platform offers a host of features to deliver an even better experience for engineers. The new easy-to-use ‘Product Evaluation Tool’ enables users to quickly discover new products via search and filter functions and compare them with alternative devices, while also providing fast access to key documentation including CAD files, datasheets and manuals. 

The ‘Ask-an-Expert’ feature offers a combination of a self-service frequently-asked-questions (FAQ), as well as an option to ask questions directly to a team of engineering or product experts who aim to respond within 48 hours. 

RS is also expanding the in-depth coverage of RS Think Hub to include a highly comprehensive range of test and measurement products, plus an extensive selection of relays is now available. The tool already offers the industry’s most complete range of sensors with thousands of proximity and photoelectric sensors available in its multi-supplier database, and further categories are due to be rolled out by the end of 2023. 

In addition, ‘Think Hub’ offers an area for content related to specific brands and technologies from leading manufacturers, including digital tools which provide customers with the option to choose, configure and calculate their products. As well as articles on key topics such as ESG (Environmental, Sustainability and Governance) and the RS’ ‘Better World’ product range.

“Through extensive research, we’ve taken the time to really understand the pain points of today’s engineers,” said Rashdeep Kelf, Head of Supplier Partnerships at RS. “RS Think Hub provides a comprehensive digital platform that delivers fast and easy access to a huge library of accurate information across an increasing number of suppliers and product categories, helping engineers to develop products within stringent cost constraints and meet key demands such as time-to-market, energy efficiency and environmental footprint.”