The combination of corrosive fluids and high temperatures found in production processes utilising chemicals such as acids and amines can be destructive for sealing elements used in valves, pumps and other equipment that forms part of a production process and associated pipework.

DuPont Kalrez Spectrum 6380 perfluoroelastomer sealing parts have been specifically developed for chemical processes involving hot, aggressive amines. Suitable for applications involving both static and dynamic sealing requirements, this cream coloured product suits sealing operations with harsh aggressive chemicals, and can withstand a maximum continuous service temperature of 225°C, with short-term excursions to higher temperatures also being permissible. O-ring seals in this material are available from Dichtomatik, the UK authorised distributor.

Where valves, pumps or other in-line products are being supplied by OEM’s for difficult process applications, it is recommended that appropriate DuPont Kalrez Spectrum 6380 O-ring seals are specified as original fitments to provide the maximum service reliability, performance, longevity and operating safety required. 

According to the company, a typical 12 month testing period between OEM supplied elastomer seals and FFKM Kalrez perfluoroelastomer

O-rings established that the latter increased the useful working life of equipment up to seven times. With the strip down and repair time for replacement of a seal being costed at 100€ per time, these repairs equated to 23,000€ pa for the original elastomer and only 3000€ pa for the Kalrez product. The total annual cost for seal replacements (typically 70mm diameter x 2.5mm cross section) was 2600€ for the original elastomer and only 800€ for the initially more expensive Kalrez product. The total downtime costs associated with a seal replacement was estimated at 1000€, giving a total of 23000€ for lost production with the original elastomer and only 3000€ for the Kalrez product.

Taking replacement seal costs plus installation and also downtime costs for 23 repairs annually for the original elastomer and only three repairs annually for the Kalrez product, the latter showed an overall cost saving of 21,600€ per annum per seal utilised on the site. This is not taking into account the value of increased safety associated with reduced chemical exposure risks during seal replacement/repair operations where process fluids such as Ethylene Oxide or other potentially hazardous products are involved.


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