A high-performance device, equal to larger units in terms of its function and its range, Leuze electronic’s KRT 3B contrast sensor is fitted within a ‘3 series’ housing. Said by the company to be the world’s smallest contrast sensor, this offers response times of 50µs, high repeatability and features such as IO-link make configuration and implementation easy. Three teach processes: 2-point teach, static 1-point teach and dynamic 2-point teach, provide optimal set up for every type of machine use.

In addition, the switching thresholds ascertained via teach-in can be changed during running operation in 4% increments with EasyTune. This online switching-threshold correction allows a quick response to modified process parameters without performing a new teach-in.

Another feature is YellowBoost, a system developed by Leuze to optimise contrast detection in the white-light version of the contrast sensor. Although this affects all wavelengths, smoothing of the signal deviation is strongest in the yellow-light range.