Three new models have been added to Rotalink’s spur ovoid gearbox range. The 312, 332 and 362 models offer output torques of 1.3Nm, 3.0Nm, and 5.0Nm respectively and bridge the gap between the entry level spur-ovoid gearboxes and the advanced, higher power spur-planetary ovoid models. These are suitable for high performance and low-noise miniature power transmission and positioning applications.

They offer users a more flexible choice of standard range gearboxes with nominal ratios that range from 6:1 to around 800:1 depending upon the model. In particular the lower ratios suit applications where a moderate motor input speed is desirable with the benefit of lower noise and increased service life.

Features include a zinc plated pressed steel gearbox case with the company’s four-hole fixing, a mounting arrangement that provides higher output shaft stiffness and smoother speed than two-hole fixings. In addition, their high-strength and lightweight ultra-polymer gear materials on stainless steel shafts contribute to a higher power density rating and low mechanical noise. Supported with large front and rear ball race bearings, the output shaft diameters are 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

The nominal gear case volumes for the new models is just under 45 x 29 x 20mm deep for the smaller 312 series, 74 x 52 x 27.5mm deep for the mid-range 332 series, and 95 x 60 x 31.5mm deep for the 362 model.

The gearboxes are available with standard flatted shafts or special shafts with keyway options for the larger 362 model. They are all compatible with Rotalink’s new low-cost single-turn absolute encoder which is fitted directly to the rear side of the gearbox output shaft.


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