Compact and robust, with an IP40 or IP67 rating, the VTUG multipin terminal pneumatic valve terminal from Festo features a number of electrical connection options.

The valve terminal is connected and controlled via D sub or ribbon cable connectors; and the connector can be easily swapped out for an iport connector, allowing connection to the IO-Link network as well as to many Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet protocols. It is available with various pneumatic working port connection options including semi-inline, sub-base as well as a sub-base solution with working ports underneath.  The VTUG is available with up to 24 valve positions on a single valve terminal, and with two 3/2 valves in one position you can achieve up to 48 functions on one manifold. The valves are suitable for low and high pressure operation, from -0.9 to 10 bar, and can support positive pressure and vacuum on one manifold.

The VTUG provides a high flow rate and high pressure for its compact size and is suitable for food, beverage, packing, electronics, semiconductor and light assembly industries.


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