Brownell has developed a Versatile Moisture Adsorbing Polymer (VMAP-G), with the versatility to be injection moulded. This can be used as a practical alternative to conventional desiccant solutions for preventing condensation and corrosion within virtually any product or packaging.  

Using a combination of polymers and adsorbent desiccants this newly developed range of materials offer new and improved opportunities for preventing the deleterious effects of moisture and high humidity including condensation and corrosion.

Many instruments and industrial enclosures are sensitive to high humidity and moisture which can lead to malfunction and low reliability performance. The frequent use of electronic systems and instruments in hostile environmental conditions leads to more exacting requirements. Typical applications include automobiles, industrial control, marine applications and high voltage switch gear requires protection from the effects of humidity and moisture for reliable operation.

Low dusting, with no risk of loose desiccants as with broken bags, the material is not water soluble, deliquescent and even provides a printable surface.

VMAP-G can be moulded or machined subject to the application, this makes it ideal where complex shapes are needed to fit the available space. This versatility also makes it useful for low cost prototyping and high volume production quantities.