Flo-Tel™+ now meets international standards for use in explosive atmospheres

Leading rupture disc manufacturer Elfab (www.elfab.com) has been awarded IECEx approval for its advanced burst detection system, Flo-Tel™+.

Flo-Tel™+ is the only non-invasive, fail-safe detection system on the market. Offering a wide range of benefits to customers in safety-critical environments, Flo-Tel™+ can be either hardwired or used in conjunction with Elfab’s fail-safe wireless detection system, Radio-Tel™.

Modern industrial automation has increased the need for electrical equipment in hazardous areas, where flammable liquids, vapours, gases or combustible dusts could present a fire or explosion hazard. The use of equipment, especially electrical, in these areas is highly regulated. IECEx approval ensures that equipment and systems are manufactured and operated according to the highest international safety standards.

At a time when stringent safety standards are of utmost importance, Flo-Tel™+ offers unprecedented advantages, from triggering alarms to shutting down a process. IECEx approval certifies the Flo-Tel™+ system for use internationally in the most hazardous of processes and environments.

Elfab offers a wide range of products and services to safety-critical industry sectors across the globe, and is constantly developing its product range to meet customer demands and strengthen its pressure intelligence brand. For more information about Elfab’s products and services, please contact Elfab sales on +44 (0)191 293 1234.