Thomson Industries has published a video tutorial with electromechanical expert Al Wroblaski on the engineering choices involved in replacing hydraulic actuation with electromechanical actuators.

Håkan Persson, product line manager Thomson Actuators, commented: “We hope that this short video will provide an introduction to the merits of replacing hydraulics with electromechanical linear actuators, and their potential to save money and improve conditions for both machine operators and the environment by reducing contamination and energy consumption.”

Wroblaski also discusses the relative design envelope of the two technologies, and how system complexity can be reduced by using a single-part electromechanical actuator. Thomson linear actuators incorporate a motor, drive screw and gearhead providing a portable, rugged source of linear thrust.  Because they are electrically powered and are available with standard encoders, they can be easily integrated into control systems. He also explains how a ball, or lead – screw drive can provide more precise positioning than a hydraulic system with zero maintenance.

 “From Hydraulic to Electric: Industrial Linear Actuators” can be found on the Thomson Industries YouTube channel: