“The best value temperature controller on the market” is the claim for the TAIE FU range, available from CD Automation UK Ltd.

With today’s pressure to cut costs it’s sometimes difficult not to compromise on quality, functionality or reliability. The FU family of single loop temperature and process controllers now offers the best of both worlds – a full range of features and reliable performance at a very competitive price.

Available off the shelf and fully configured free of charge to your machine requirements, the FU Series comes with a 5 Year warranty guarantee.

The controllers are available in 8 different types and include the following sizes: 48 x 48mm, 48 x 96mm, 72 x 72mm and 96 x 96mm, each with a panel depth of just 80mm. The 4 sizes come in a single set point controller or a 2 x 8 segment profile controller version.

Comprehensive functionality is available on this product range that includes a choice of heat, heat/cool (full PID on both heat and cool) and valve motor drive control outputs, up to 3 independent relay alarms with 17 alarm types, a re-transmission signal of SP or PV, a remote set point input as well as RS232, RS485 and TTL communications.

There is also a 7 segment dual LED display which shows the process value and set point value in user mode with red and green four digit displays, respectively.

The status of important control criteria is clearly shown on the controller front panel with LED indication for output 1 and 2, alarms 1, 2 and 3, auto-tuning, program and manual mode as well as an LED bar graph displaying output power as a percentage (0 to 100% in 10% steps – not 1/16 DIN).

Parameter setting and modification can be carried out via a menu system that is accessed through membrane switches mounted on the front of each unit. The default control mode of each model is set to PID but the user is able to select Fuzzy Logic or On/Off control. Full auto-tuning is available in the PID mode.

All models will accept thermocouple, RTD, DC Linear input – all with 14 bit resolution. Control Outputs are available in an impressive 8A relay type, 20V solid state relay drive and DC linear current/voltage with standard 85 to 265Vac or 10 to 50Vdc line supply.