New from R.A.Rodriguez are Bryant TuffCore pulleys, said to be a cost effective and flexible alternative to conventional stainless steel pulleys for modern handling systems. According to the company, until now pulley design has failed to keep pace with developments in conveyor technology, however the new design comprises a TuffCore foam roller around a steel shaft that is lagged, as standard, with TuffCoat Durathane. The result is that the pulley is 50% lighter with far less vibration.

The lower weight offers benefits to other system components, for example, longer bearing life and reduced gearbox wear. There is also less inertia to overcome so conveyors can start, stop and reverse quicker and index more accurately; a particular advantage in applications such as shrink wrapping. These are also said to be easier to service and have a reduced need for supporting structures.

In addition, being moulded, the maintenance-free pulleys are easier to produce and they have no steel shell, steel end disks, hubs or bushings, eliminating the need for secondary machining, finishing and assembly. Improved balance and run-out are further advantages of Bryant TuffCore, particularly important factors on high speed conveyor applications.

Pulleys for any application requiring corrosion resistance are manufactured from the same TuffCore and TuffCoat materials as the standard type but have a stainless steel shaft.

The product is chemical and water resistant and is suitable for belt loads from 225 to 450kg and conveyor speeds of up to 300m/min.

Of additional benefit, all crown types are available in the product programme and pulley diameters are not limited by available tube sizes.

The pulleys are suitable for food and pharmaceutical processing and packaging applications, as well as parts handling and airport baggage handling, etc.