Two new motion and machine controllers based on the latest 533MHz ARM11 processor have been introduced by Trio Motion Technology.

The MC403 will control two servo axes with a master encoder input, or three stepper axes; while the MC405 has a choice of four servos plus a master encoder or five step and direction axes. The 6MHz servo encoder ports are selectable for incremental linear or rotary feedback or may be configured for SSI, Tamagawa and EnDat absolute types.

The maximum stepper output frequency is 2MHz. Any combination of servo and stepper axes is possible. Both build on previous Motion Coordinators with performance enhancements including a selectable servo update rate from 125 to 2000 microseconds.

The ability to use multi-tasking TrioBASIC and/or IEC 61131-3 programming support allows OEMs and end-users the maximum flexibility for tightly synchronised, high throughput motion and machine control. Additional features include built-in digital and analogue I/O, a CANbus expansion port, a built-in RJ45 Ethernet port for programming and connection of HMIs or other devices, etc.

Trio Motion Technology  

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